Wanted: Questions to submit to NJSP Firearms Unit

The New Jersey State Police Firearms Investigation Unit will return for NJ SAFE 2017.  In addition to presenting answers to pre-submitted questions from the stage, they will also be available in our exhibits area to engage with attendees one on one.

Last year, we collected and organized questions from all facets of the NJ firearms community.  They ranged from simple questions of policy to any guidance offered in particular scenarios.   Detective Sergeant Bloom took on all the questions that we submitted last year addressing each professionally and directly.

In support of this years event, we would like to repeat the success of last year by reaching out to the community now to gather new questions.  Questions may be submitted to info@njsafecon.net, as comments on the blog, or to the NJ SAFE Facebook page.

We believe in learning from everyone in the firearms community and the Firearms Investigation Unit of the NJSP is a valuable resource.  We are proud that the NJSP has decided to increase their involvement in this year’s event.  It speaks directly to the engagement of our community, and for that we thank you.