Veterans Day

Words of Wisdom:

“Nothing is more dangerous to freedom than the professional politician.” – George Forsythe (Listener)

Election Results

John discusses the pre-election expectations and how they were disrupted.  The reaction that night, “this is amazing!”.  Even though he didn’t think that Trump was the best choice for President, the defeat of Clinton provided significant relief.

Where are we going from here?

Mike leads us into the discussion of what the Trump victory means for us in the 2A movement.  There are some policies that have been proposed on his website and have been covered at Bearing Arms and Reagan CoalitionIn Honor of Veterans Day we will start at the last thing mentioned –

  • Lifting the ban of firearms carried on military installations and recruiting stations!
  • National Right to carry
  • No more firearm or magazine bans and he will take a page from NSSF and fix NICS
  • Work at fixing mental health issues related to firearms
  • Strengthen self defense laws to assist those defending themselves from criminals from persecution
  • Stated that there will be no new guns laws but enforcement of the current laws – such a turnaround from the current revolving door policy we have now!
  • Recognized that the 2nd Amendment precludes the Bill of Rights and Constitution and they only recognize it being a right.
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John is founder of NJ SAFE Conference and is primarily responsible for the production of our events. He grew up shooting and hunting in Minnesota, and moved to New Jersey in 2002 after serving in the US Marines. John is focused on education, holding a Master's degree and pursuing a Ph.D.