Thoughts on NRA Annual Meeting 2017

Image: Gage Skidmore

We’d like to wish a great weekend to all the folks attending the NRA Annual Meeting.  While it’s a little sad to have so many friends away, their social feeds indicate they are having a pretty good time.  The NRA Annual Meeting was among the inspirations for our event here in New Jersey. In addition, NRA-ILA has been one of our leading sponsors since inception.

One of the exciting developments this year is that the current President of the United States will be addressing attendees at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum.  This is exciting because it hasn’t happened since 1983 with President Reagan.  I know I am interested to hear what Second Amendment priorities exist now for President Trump since he has taken office.  Frankly, I hope we hear that an aggressive push on National Reciprocity is forthcoming.  There is significant support for it in the House of Representatives and NRA has recently refocused on the need for federal legislation in this area.  With the full fledged support of the President, who voiced support during his campaign, there does not seem to be any reason that a strong reciprocity bill should not move forward.

National Reciprocity done right would be very meaningful for gun owners in New Jersey.  By that I mean if reciprocity extends to those with non-resident permits, New Jersey’s draconian permitting system will be rendered meaningless.   Even if a weaker version ends up passing, though, New Jersey will be forced to honor the permits held by residents of other states.

We expect there will more upcoming announcements related to our conference later this year.  If you haven’t yet, sign up for our email alerts to make sure you get your invitation when registration goes live.

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