The Second is for Everyone Podcast

Tony Simon firing a Goldenboy Youth Model .22

In the final quarter of 2017 a new Second Amendment related project came to fruition.  Tony Simon, founder of the Second is for Everyone: Diversity Shoots, and Sean Fisher, of Black Bag Resources, have started regularly recording episodes for their new show, The Second is for Everyone Podcast.  The show features legislative updates, reviews, news & opinion on issues related to firearms and the firearms community.

The Second is for Everyone: Diversity Shoots began in 2015 at the Woodland Park Range in Woodland Park, NJ.  Despite a small initial gathering, the events have continued to grow.  In addition to growing attendance at the

Woodland Park Range, Tony is committed to expand to additional ranges in and out of New Jersey in 2018.  In fact, he has already held the first event at Garden State Shooting Center this past November.

Tony & Sean have appeared as guests or co-hosts on podcasts like Gun and Gear Review, Guns of Hollywood, We like Shooting and many others.  Their new show gives them an opportunity to set their own agenda and discuss topics that they believe are the most relevant to the firearms community.

Episodes are posted regularly at

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