Stories from N.J. shooters: Round 1

One of the primary benefits of the NJ SAFE Conference is the ability to catch up with old friends and make many new ones in the Second Amendment community. This year, our third, we are compiling the stories of gun owners from around the state and sharing them as another way to help break the ice and build relationships.

Mike Candido | Creating new shooters one at a time

I’m a member at Gun for Hire, North Jersey Clay Target Club and Cherry Ridge. I very often bring first-time shooters to the various ranges. Almost always, after they see what it’s all about, they go out and get FID cards and buy their first gun. I’m pleased to say that I’ve helped this scenario play out where New Jersey gets a half dozen or so new shooters every year. If all of us did that, we’d grow our political base such that maybe we could get our draconian gun laws finally changed.

Alfred Pinello | Fired gun once in 38 years as police officer

I work at a sporting goods store where we sell guns. I am a Patron Life member of the NRA and a member of the Cherry Ridge range. I was in law enforcement for 38 years. Only once in my career did I have to fire my gun. I have informed a lot of customers about the truth (about firearms), about the history (and) laws.

Will Korman | From first-timer to CNJFO board member

I became a gun owner in 2012, fearing that it was a ‘now or never’ moment and that if I waited, I may not ever be able to purchase a gun. After purchasing my first gun, I quickly joined a local 2A group to learn as much as I could about guns and our rights and became an advocate for not just the Second Amendment, but all our rights.

Now, I’m a board member for CNJFO and as a volunteer for my church, I have already helped to introduce shooting to one the groups of members with whom I associate. I’m just started to help plan two more range outings for two other groups with whom I associate at church. This is something that combines two of my passions. I am one of those people who former President Obama referred to about clinging to their guns and their bibles.

Share your story: How are you participating in New Jersey’s firearms community? Tell us your tales, share your tips, send us your photos of your day at the range by filling out the form below.

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