Square in the Crotch

Words of Wisdom:

“If the guy is putting his hands on you and you can get the gun out, the first thing your muzzle is going to cross is his groin, regardless of gender, I’d shoot them right square in the crotch.”Clint Smith (Thunder Ranch)

Report that VA Denying 2A Rights without Due Process– 

Joshua Prince reports that he has a client who was denied by NICS due to a listing provided by VA.  We are familiar with the notion that VA and SSA were interested in denying those with a fiduciary assigned, this person still managed their own affairs.

Killing the Culture of Lawful Gun Ownership in New Jersey

The NJ Legislature passes resolution that is intended to prohibit changes to the definition of Justifiable Need. This isn’t surprising as they have been pursing this for months.

They have also introduced a bill to require FID, PPP, or Carry Permit to allow temporary transfer of a firearm. This measure is similar to the structure of “comprehensive background check” measures that Bloomberg groups are seeking in other states.  However here in New Jersey it is even worse.  While other states measures would be satisfied with a NICS check, this would require the, often months long, FID/PPP process.  

If anything appears to be designed to kill gun culture, this is it

Calling the Shots:

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