Peruta Update, NJ Legislature Throws Fit

Words of Wisdom:

“You’re never beaten until you admit it.” – Gen. George S. Patton

Chris Christie vs the Legislature

The Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature hate CCW so much they will go to any lengths to stop those with “serious threats” from maybe being able to exercise their right to bear arms.

Peruta v California  

Peruta is the latest right to carry case to reach the Supreme Court.  It appears to present a good opportunity for the court to make itself clear on 2nd Amendment.  The path for Peruta has resulted in mixed decisions below, but was a defeat at the en banc level.  The case has been rescheduled for conference twice now.  

Calling the Shots:

  • ID Castle Doctrine failed because of infighting, state reps introducing similar bills from the same area….
  • SD Gov vetoed Constitutional Carry
  • MagPul strikes again: MLock adopted by USSOCOM for their AR’s       
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