Overly strict school punishes students for visit to range

Our friends at the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners posted the following to Facebook this morning:

BREAKING STORY! Two students from Lacey Twp. High School were given 5 days in-school suspension because they posted pictures of themselves on Facebook with/near GUNS! You read that right! Lacey Township High School placed the pair on 5 days of detention for posting pictures of themselves taken at a RANGE onto social media that contained firearms with the caption of “fun day at the range”!

Along with the post, CNJFO included a screenshot that appears to be a student handbook outlining the weapons policy.

Shortly thereafter, more stories of “zero tolerance” weapons policies at NJ Schools were being reported by Facebook Users on CNJFO’s page, as well as other firearm’s related discussion groups.  The policies appear to result in suspension for students reported possessing a firearm for any purpose at any time.  These terms would seem to include time shooting or hunting, while supervised by parents, with legally owned firearms. Obviously these terms are outrageous violations of both 2nd Amendment and 1st Amendment rights, as well as parental rights.

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs responded via their Facebook Page this afternoon, with a message from Scott Bach stating ANJRPC would be prepared to take the school district to court if it did not act to immediately “delete these blatant Constitutional violations, apologize to the affected students, and rescind the suspensions”.


In their statement, ANJRPC notes that it has sued other school districts with similar policies successfully in the past.  Finally, it appears limits to the schools authority on unrelated activities are well defined.



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