National reciprocity places Shaneen Allen back in the spotlight.

Over the holidays we were greeted by a new series of stories about Shaneen Allen, the Pennsylvania mom who was arrested for carrying a firearm into New Jersey. Running the story were news outlets as varied as BizPac Review, Breitbart, as well as the Idaho State Journal.

Shaneen is a prime example of why National Reciprocity is needed for concealed carry. The patchwork of laws and agreements between states is messy and confusing. A common comparison for supporters of National Reciprocity is to driver’s licenses, which are recognized across state lines as a matter of course.  Watch the video above for Shaneen’s story in her own words.

Pressure from the firearms community in New Jersey, as well as from outside the state, helped Shaneen get into a pre-trial intervention program, for which she had previously been denied, and later a pardon from Governor Christie.

Much of the recent reporting is based on the political posturing in Washington DC, complete with fear-mongering over the intent of the NRA in supporting reciprocity measures. However, the political angle is not new for mainstream reporting on this issue or this case, with the Washington Post citing the differences in support of Shaneen between various communities in 2014.

In the intervening years, Shaneen has remained active in supporting 2nd Amendment causes, speaking at rallies and lobbying legislators.

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