Keith Pantaleon, Fast and Furious and NJ SAFE Updates

Words of Wisdom:

“If you have to use deadly force, shoot until the threat ceases to be one.” – Walt Rauch


Keith Pantaleon

John is joined by Keith in a wide ranging interview.  We take some time to explore the underpinnings of Keith’s approach to advocacy.  You can find Keith on twitter as @suijurisinfowar


Fast and Furious Update

Some additional documents finally released by the Justice department.  Shows the extent of the efforts the administration took to spin the story with the media.  We review the history of Fast and Furious to provide some context.  

NJ SAFE Update: We are about 90 days out!

John tells us a little about what is in store for those who attend the conference.  Make sure you get registered.

Calling the Shots:

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