Founder’s Friday – Memorial Day

Memorial Day approaches and it is time for us all to reflect on those who sacrificed all to preserve our freedoms. Remembering and honoring the fallen is the purpose of Memorial Day.  Reflecting on their sacrifice to ensure that our nation would persevere is an important exercise for all of us who value our freedoms.  Particularly those of us advocating to restore or maintain them.  Please be sure to take some time to pause for that reflection.

In addition, NJ SAFE Conference draws ever closer.  The focus for the planning committee right now has been getting sponsors and exhibitors signed on and preparing the training courses available the day before the conference.  We have already announced a couple of the sponsorships that have been arranged, but more are in the hopper to be announced soon.  We have several organizations and companies returning and some new ones as well, but we still have room for more!To that end, we have asked for your help in finding new potential sponsors and exhibitors.

As noted, we are also looking for instructors to submit proposals on classes they would be interested in teaching.  Our training program is an important part of accomplishing our mission to provide education to New Jersey’s community of gun owners and Second Amendment advocates.  Incorporating some these courses allows us to go deeper into specific issues or do our part to prepare the community for possible changes in state or federal laws/policies that benefit us.

If you have any questions related to these, please email or complete our contact us form.