First-time NJ SAFE speaker to address family protection

Firearms are a family affair for April Stone, who began learning about guns about 16 years ago when she met her husband-to-be Sean Fisher.

Fisher, owner of Black Bag Resources, “mentored me primarily in rifle and shotgun,” Stone says. “Not long after I was introduced to handguns but maintained a fondness for long guns. Through the years Sean continued to mentor me in various firearms. I have also taken classes under Tony Simon (Simon Says Train and The Second Is for Everyone: Diversity Shoot). I have also taken self-defense seminars with Mike Wolhfert (Justifiable Force).”

Stone, who worked with personal safety company Damsel In Defense, has since “helped many women learn what options are available to them to protect themselves and their families. Anthony Colandro of Gun for Hire has encouraged me to become an NRA certified instructor. While being an instructor is a future goal of mine, it has taken a backseat to being a mom, at least for the next few years.”

She joined Damsel In Defense in September 2015 after an in-home demonstration. The direct-sale company, specializing in self-defense products and education, is the creation of Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes, “two moms who wanted non-lethal way to protect their families. The Damsel Mission is to equip, empower and educate women to protect themselves and their families. They also make donations to local, national and international groups to help prevent and stop sexual abuse and human trafficking.”

Stone “had recently become a stay-at-home mom after being a fifth-grade teacher for 11 years and decided that becoming a Damsel Pro was something I could do to continue to educate and help people.”

Her educational efforts will include her presentation at the third-annual NJ SAFE Conference in Princeton on Sept. 23.

“This will be the first NJ SAFE I will be attending,” she notes. “I will be discussing personal safety and how to keep you and your family safe with or without a firearm. Since New Jersey has so many restrictions, it is important to have other ways to protect your loved ones. It is also important to know what options are available to you, and what the laws are surrounding self-defense situations.”

Staying informed amid the shifting Second Amendment landscape in New Jersey is a vital part of protecting oneself and one’s family, she advises.

“With the New Jersey governor’s race just around the corner, I am sure we will see both sides make many promises and compromises,” she says. “Unfortunately, once in office, as with so many political agendas, certain issues get put on the back burner or get completely buried under political red tape. It is important for citizens to know what bills are being proposed and to voice their opinion to their local and state governments.”

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