Firearms and Mental Health approved for 4 Hours of CLE credit

Evan Nappen, Esq

Providing high quality education to attorney’s on matters related to firearms has been a goal of NJ SAFE since the beginning.  Last year, we succeeded in presenting a course in NJ Firearms Law.  This year, we are stepping it up a notch.  Our Firearms and Mental Health course, to be held at the Princeton Marriott at 9:00AM on September 22nd 2017, is now approved for 4 hours of total CLE credit with a focus on administrative and criminal law.

Gianni Pirelli, Ph.D

The course will be taught by two highly qualified experts.  Evan Nappen, Esq will provide 3 hours of instruction from the legal perspective while Gianni Pirelli, Ph.D. will provide 1 hour of instruction from the clinical perspective.  The topics of the course will include:

  • Possession disqualifiers
  • Licensing disqualifiers
  • Mental health exemptions
  • Expungement of mental health records
  • Evidentiary issues concerning mental health records
  • Ethical issues on mental health and hirearms
  • The role of mental illness in firearms related violence and suicide
  • Forensic psychological evaluations for civilian firearms ownership

While the course is designed for attorneys to receive high quality instruction, attendance is not limited to attorneys exclusively.  Those with a passionate interest in a detailed understanding of New Jersey’s firearms laws or the relationship between firearms laws and mental health issues will also find the course insightful and informative.

The cost for this course is $150, register now at this link.