Featured Speakers – Evan Nappen

We continue to introduce our featured speakers…

Evan Nappen, Esq. has dedicated his life to fighting for gun rights and honest sportsmen. He has practiced law since 1988 and was one of the first attorneys to ever get a federal injunction against a state gun law.  His Nappen in New Jersey Gun Law can be found on the desks of Attorneys, Police, 2A Advocates and Gun Owners alike.  Evan is the instructor of NJ SAFE Conference’s own Continuing Legal Education courses and he has previously taught for the NRA National Firearms Law Seminar and the NRA Range Development Seminar.

This year Evan will be covering the legal aspect of NJ SAFE’s Firearms and Mental Health course.

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John is founder of NJ SAFE Conference and is primarily responsible for the production of our events. He grew up shooting and hunting in Minnesota, and moved to New Jersey in 2002 after serving in the US Marines. John is focused on education, holding a Master's degree and pursuing a Ph.D.