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Driven Inbound, a recently launched content marketing and editorial services and training firm, is proud to be a gold sponsor of the third-annual NJ SAFE Conference in Princeton on Sept. 23.

At the suggestion of NJ SAFE creator John Willett, Driven Inbound has lent its services to support the event on several fronts. Driven Inbound has created short- and long-range marketing and promotion strategies, provided profiles and articles relevant to gun owners in New Jersey, built relationships with Second Amendment media outlets outside the state to reach potentially millions of new supporters, and offered numerous ideas to expand the NJ SAFE brand into a year-round clearinghouse for 2A information via more events and other revenue-generating concepts.

“There are many definitions of content marketing,” Driven Inbound founder Geoff Giordano says. “To us, content marketing is the intersection of marketing and journalism. We take the reins of our clients’ digital and print channels to provide a steady stream of relevant, compelling and actionable editorial material — “content” — to help them stay front and center among their industry peers and competitors.”

Whether you are a business or a solopreneur, you can benefit from the decades of expertise a storytelling expert brings to your brand.

“We used to call the newspaper ‘the daily miracle,’” says Giordano, who served as a front-page editor and night news desk supervisor for much of his career. “Now that everyone has the power to publish, they, too, are realizing the same constant pressure that news organizations face to publish fresh, compelling material.”

Creating meaningful content campaigns “is an indispensable part of a broader strategy of inbound and outbound marketing and advertising,” he explains.

“We do the heavy lifting for our clients, taking the reins of their digital and even print channels and creating short- and long-range content-based strategies that tell their stories at the time and place of their choosing. We will even work with an existing marketing department to shoulder some of their load, or train your non-marketing employees how to spot and exploit content opportunities.”

Ultimately, he says, “we approach marketing from the standpoint of business development. We think, ‘Hey, creating this event or this new class, session or publication would really help us sell your brand and bring in new revenue, too.’ ”

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Geoff Giordano is a lifelong journalist who brings decades of editorial experience to telling brand stories that matter. As founder and chief content officer of content-marketing firm Driven Inbound, he employs a newsroom ethic of speed and accuracy in executing campaigns customized for each client. He specializes in generating ideas for new revenue streams that also serve to provide you all the "content" you need. For a free consultation and to learn more about how content marketing can boost your digital presence and your bottom line, email