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Words of Wisdom:

“When you buy a handgun you assume a serious social responsibility.” – Lt Col Jeff Cooper

Calling the Shots:

  • Senate Bill Introduced on Gun Free Zones
    •   Foxnews has the story on Jerry Moran’s bill that would eliminate Gun Free Zones for the military. He says, “What happened in Chattanooga can never happen again”.
  • Personal firearms used during attack
    • It appears that a Navy Lt. Commander and a Marine returned fire on the attacker.  We are concerned about repercussions for the Naval Officer for violating policy.  (Some sources appear to be reporting that the Officer will be charged)


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New sponsors, Henry Repeating Arms, Firearms Support and Storage:

We talk NJ SAFE Conference!  There are a bunch of developments in the conference planning.  We ahve new sponsors: Henry Repeating Arms and Firearms Support and Storage!  We are adding new speakers and new panelists as well.   Check out the website at for the most up to date information.

Can there be discussion between Pro and Anti Gun supporters?

John and Mike present their views on how communication should work between members of the 2nd Amendment community as compared to how it tends to work in the real work.  Mike provides his view of how that communication should take place.  John on the other hand is more pessimistic.  His view is that people from different parts of the spectrum on this issue have difficulty on even using the language in the same way.  John goes so far as to start describing a possible shape that might describe the relationship between ones views on Second Amendment issues, the degree to which one devoted to those views, and the ability to meaningfully engage with someone from the opposite viewpoint.  Mike stops the madness before it gets too far gone.

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John is founder of NJ SAFE Conference and is primarily responsible for the production of our events. He grew up shooting and hunting in Minnesota, and moved to New Jersey in 2002 after serving in the US Marines. John is focused on education, holding a Master's degree and pursuing a Ph.D.