Days of Action

Words of Wisdom:

“The danger from armed citizens is only to the government, not to society; and as long as they have nothing to revenge against there are many advantages in their being accustomed to the use of arms, and no possible disadvantages.” – Joel Barlow

Calling the Shots:

Mets Pitcher says that he is against gun violence, but didn’t know policies of Everytown/Mom’s Demand before posing in photo with the team.  He now claims he was tricked into supporting them.


The bear is loose

Usually for this segment we choose a topic where we can express our outrage in a way that lets us vent.  This week though, with the news of Carol Bowne, we didn’t think it would be appropriate.  You have likely heard this story by now, John is  taking too long to post these episodes.  Carol was murdered by a man against which she held a restraining order.  She had also applied for a Pistol Purchase Permit.  Under New Jersey statute, the permit should be processed within 30 days, however that time limit is regularly ignored, and there is case-law that supports issuing authorities ignoring the time limit.

This case has struck a nerve, we think because here we know that Carol wanted the ability to defend herself and was ultimately denied that right, because her right was delayed.  How many more cases do we not hear about?

Days of Action

John taped an interview with Alexander Roubian, President of NJ2AS.  Alexander has been leading the Recall Sweeney effort, and most recently, organized a rally at Stephen Sweeney’s home to draw attention to the plight of prospective gun owners who’s rights are being trampled by the New Jersey Legislature.  John and Alexander discuss developments related to the recall effort and Alexander’s plans for more “results oriented activism”.  After taping, Alexander lead another rally at Sweeney’s home, where he was joined by Carol’s brother.  There is video showing the State Senate President ignoring the protesters and this member of Carol’s family.  It will be interesting to see where this leads.  The Recall effort’s day of action is June 27th.  Go to for more information.

Guns of Hollywood

John appeared on the Guns of Hollywood Podcast.  He plays a short clip of the show.  The show is a lot of fun and the episode John appeared on discussed Quigley Down Under.



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