Black Guns Matter to present Retailer Seminar at SHOT show

Maj Toure participates in Community Building Discussion Panel at NJ SAFE 2017

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, which sponsors and hosts SHOT show each year, is featuring a Retailer Seminar titled Black Guns Matter: Engaging Urban Communities in the 2nd Amendment Fight on Tuesday, January 23rd.  The seminar is intended for audiences interested in building deeper connection with the urban demographic.  Among the topics to be addressed are misconceptions, myths, and successes related to engaging urban communities in 2nd Amendment advocacy.

The founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure, will be conducting the presentation.  His work in spreading a positive firearms message in these communities has been effective. It has also taken him around the country on a 50 state In fact, the NSSF’s John McNamara told the Washington Examiner, “The era of cultural divide when it comes to firearms ownership should be a thing of the past, and thanks to the work of Maj Toure and Black Guns Matter, we’re a lot closer to that being a realization.”

In addition to the seminar later this month, Black Guns Matter is holding a MLK Day class with a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. on January 15th in Philadelphia.  Registration is available at 


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