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New Jersey AG issues Directive

The New Jersey Attorney General issued a directive related to the executive order that we have discussed previously.  The directive made changes along three lines: reasonable deviation, permitting, and “justifiable need”.  While these changes don’t represent all the changes that are needed in New Jersey, they do represent a solid advancement for gun owners.  The reasonable deviation language can be expected to have a real impact of New Jersey firearms owners daily lives.  Similarly, the permitting language will ease the lawful acquisition of firearms.  Both of these changes can be expected to improve the daily experience of purchasing and using firearms in the state.  The justifiable need provision is more narrow and we don’t expect it will have a significant impact for most gun owners.  However, we do hope that it will have some impact and result in more approvals.

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Sean tells us about the Fenix PD32 flashlight.  The light features a range of brightness settings up to 900 lumens, strobe and SOS.  Lifespan on it is 50,000 hours.  John jokes that the light would probably fall within the definition of an assault flashlight.

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