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Our Approach

The New Jersey SAFE Conference is a combination of two related elements. First, it is an educational vehicle. The conference meets its educational mission through speakers and panel discussions on topics of interest to the Second Amendment community. It also hosts training seminars for more in-depth training, such as  the Continuing Legal Education offered for Attorneys.  Our speakers and panelists have included legal experts like Evan Nappen and Daniel Schmutter, as well as leading advocates like Scott Bach, Kathy Chatterton, Darin Goens, and Tony Simon. You can also find 2A focused radio and podcast hosts like Cam Edwards and Anthony Colandro.  Not to mention, expert trainers like Maria Alampi and Gary Allinson.  We’ve even had members of the 2A community from outside NJ come to visit, like Maj Toure and Charlie Cook.


The second element consists of exhibits presented by supporting businesses and organizations. These businesses and organizations often are members of the shooting sports industry, or simply those who wish to express their support for the Second Amendment community.

Our Story

The conference is the result of a conversation between two podcasters focused on the 2nd Amendment in New Jersey, Anthony Colandro and John Willett.  While discussing the prospect of attracting a national event to New Jersey, they decided that instead New Jersey should produce its own event.  Thus, the New Jersey Second Amendment and Firearms Education Conference was born.  While John assumed responsibility for the operations of the Conference, Anthony has remained engaged providing advice and various forms of support.


Next Steps…

Tickets for NJ SAFE Conference 2018 will be available shortly!

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